Never operate a machine without proper guards in place.

DO NOT remove any machine guards. Refer to your machine and tooling manual for any additional important safety instructions and warnings. If you do not have a manual contact the machine or tool manufacturer.


Carbide is a very hard and brittle material and can be damaged with slight shock. When possible and safely feasible, please remove protective wax on tool after properly mounting saw blade on machine.


Never modify or alter machines or cutting tools.


Always wear eye and ear protection that complies with Federal and State safety regulations.


Visually inspect tools for chips, cracking, or broken teeth before mounting. If damage is suspected DO NOT USE.


Refer to manuals for proper mounting instructions.


Interwest Saw & Tools LLC does not assume responsibility for tools improperly used or installed.


Be sure proper cutting tool is used for the material you want to cut.

Make sure flanges and collets are clean and free of burrs each time a new or resharpened tool is installed.


When shipping a package to Interwest Saw & Tools please ensure that all contents are packaged well. We do not assume responsibility for damaged products do to poor packaging.

Examples of Poorly Packaged Boxes

Poor quality box & not enough packing tape

No cushion or padding between shaper cutters

No packaging material used inside the box

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